MXGP 2018


Most of the guests who want to stay for the whole weekend arrive usually at Friday afternoon. The camping site is opened for the whole night. Daily guests have to be aware that most guests arrive on Sunday before midday. In Teutschenthal/Bahnhof is a railway which is closed for a lot of minutes if a train is incoming so plan some more time for your arrival.

Never change a winnig team! Both at the paddock and the camping site will be a bakery booth at Saturday- and Sunday morning.

The camping site is opened from Friday morning till Monday around midday. You can also arrive at night and still get a camping place. The box office is opened around the clock. A driveway on Thursday is NOT possible. The camping site will be again located at the field in the north of the track. The access goes through the Reichsbahnstraße. It will be signposted with “Camping”.

Camping tickets are personalized, which means it is doesn’t matter how much persons will sleep in one tent or one camper. The camping ticket is valid for the whole weekend regardless how long the stay is. In pre-sale it will cost 16 €, if you buy it at the weekend itself it costs 20 €. There will be controls of the ticket over the weekend.

Please notice that on the track no credit card payment is possible. But on Saturday and Sunday there will be a mobile cash machine next to the main box office. Please notice that an exchange of cards bought in the pre-sale to the compulsory bracelets isn’t possible due to technical reasons.

Visitors who bought the camping tickets in the pre-sale but arrive on Saturday doesn’t need to have concerns that the camping site will be full and they would be dismissed. The camping site will be bigger this year so that there will be enough pitches for everybody.

You got more questions about camping on the race weekend? You can find more Information in our Service category under CAMPING.

On the race weekend will be enough tickets for normal prices at the daily box offices. They will open at 06:00 AM at Saturday and Sunday. They can be found at all three entrances for the track.

PLEASE NOTICE: There is no payment with card possible. But there is a mobile cash machine next to the main box office.

The whole race weekend will be guarded by security and police which are locally at any time. Everybody who isn’t behaving in accord with normal rules can be taken away easily.

On the entry of the track will be rigorous entry controls. Sadly they are necessary. PROHIBITED are alcoholic drinks, drinks in big bottles and glass bottles. Like on any big concert or music festival they will be taken away at the entry. Our security will be generous at drinks for kids.

Entry to the racing area and the track is only possible with a valid ticket. They can be bought in pre-sale online on the website of the MSC-Teutschenthal in the TICKETSHOP and on the race weekend itself at the daily box office; an overview about the prices you can find HERE.

Tickets from the presale have to be exchanged in the obligatory bracelets.

  • Exchange of weekend tickets start on Friday
  • Exchange for Sunday tickets are ONLYon Sunday possible

Therefore we have extra booths at the main entrance which is signposted with “UMTAUSCH VORVERKAUF” (exchange presales). To avoid long ques at the entrance, there will be extra offices around the main arriving time.

Hotels and boarding houses in the direct environment of the track are often booked out very early. A chance for a free room can be find in Halle (Saale), Merseburg and Lutherstadt Eisleben. An overview of our partner hotels can you find HERE.

You have any questions? You have found or lost something? You search for a meeting point? You want to deposit something? You need medical help? Please do not hesitate to call on our Info-Center which is located at the entry of the track. There is a little house beneath the gate where you can find help.

This is surely possible but not on the track. Around the place are many little paths where jogging is possible. Only drivers are allowed to walk over the track for their inspection.

Over the whole raceweekend the medical service of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund will be in place. Anybody who needs help has to go to the Info-Center which is the small house next to the gate.

Surely most of the visitors want to take a souvenir of the weekend with them. Therefore the MSC-Teutschenthal has its own merchandise-booth which is located next to the info center. By the way it is combined with the merchandise booth of the MSC member and MX2 starter Henry Jacobi.

The nights rest takes effect in the paddock and the living area of the drivers. Please keep the peace at night. The have to be fit and well rested in the morning. The nights rest starts at 22:00 PM and ends at 06:00 AM.

NOISEDuring the races it is desired that you make some noise for your favorite driver. But please think if it is necessary to take your dog to the track and into the noise. If it is really necessary please notice that there is necessary to leash you dog and give him a muzzle.

The entry to the paddock is included in the ticket price this year. There will be no extra controls at the entry of the paddock. After 20:00 PM the paddock is closed for visitors.

For one day visitors there is a big parking space directly next to the track. A second parking space will be located at the nearby town Köchstedt. Therefore please read the approach signs and follow the instructions of the stewards. Camping on the parking space is PROHIBITED.

Both at Friday evening and at Saturday evening will be party time in the party tent: On Friday there will be a big 90’s Party and Saturday the “Sputnik-Heimattour” will take place. Start is always at 21:00 PM.

Tickets can be bought in our online TICKETSHOP. They will cost:

  • Friday: 8 €
  • Saturday: 10 €
  • Combi-ticket for both nights: 15 €

Besides the fact that the weather will be totally great ;) You should take some shoes and clothing with you which is rainproof. The race will take place anyway.

Both in the visitor area and in the paddock are toilets or mobile toilets which are regularly cleaned. Users of the camping site find besides the toilets also sanitary containers.

For orientation you find it HERE; subject to changes!!!

For daily guests is also an arrival by train from Halle (Saale) or Lutherstadt Eisleben possible. You would have to walk for about 15 minutes from the little train station of Teutschenthal to the track.

UNDER 10 YEAR-OLDSKids which are younger than 10 years get free entrance over the whole weekend, at the track, the paddock and the camping site.

Motocross-Fans with walking disability which need support and want to visit the championship shall write an E-Mail at before the racing weekend.

For officials, driver-registrations, accredited media, sponsors and all other organisers is the “Welcome Office” the first place to go. There they get the papers and the tickets. It is a few driving minutes away from the track at the main street in the village of Theutschenthal; address:

Firma Jahnke (Spedition)
Albert-Heise-Straße 72b

The „Welcome Office“will be well-signposted at all main access roads. It’s open:
DO 14 – 20 Uhr
FR 8 – 20 Uhr
SA 7 – 19:30 Uhr
SO 7 – 14 Uhr

We are very happy if you post a lot of pictures of your weekend and we would be much happier if you link our sites too.

Then just send us an E-Mail to

(Teutschenthal, 25.05.2019)